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We are a World-class Media Buying Agency for Best-in-Class Retailers and Physical Product Brands.

Facebook Advertising

We pride ourselves on being expert Facebook advertising media buyers.

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Google Shopping

The most direct way of acquiring customers at the bottom of your funnel.

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Retargeting Ads

Brand recall is critical for effective advertising and customer acquisition.

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Video Media Buying

We leverage YouTube videos ads alongside Facebook video view ads.

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Premium Performance Marketing Management

Facebook Advertising

We pride ourselves as expert Facebook advertising media buyers. Facebook is by far the most sophisticated and most complex media buying platform ad the moment. If Facebook advertising campaigns are well executed, we have found it to be the most effective way brands can find their target audience they can convert into paying repeat customers.
It is our #1 advertising platform with a global reach of over 2 billion monthly active users.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the most direct way of acquiring bottom of the funnel customers looking to buy your products. Campaign structure and bidding strategies are critical factors to delivering profitable Google Shopping ads.
We encourage advertiser to grab these low hanging fruit at the bottom of the funnel.


Brand recall is critical for effective advertising and customer acquisition.
The classic marketing Rule of Seven rings true in digital media buying - it says that a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buy from you.
With that being said, retargeting can be a critical element to your media buying success. We build robust smart retargeting ads that know the most effective times to deliver ads and the most cost-effective prices.

Video Media Buying

In additional to Facebook Video ads, we leverage YouTube videos ads for all digital video media buying activity.

Facebook Funnels for Ecommerce that CONVERT

Most online retailers give up on Facebook Ads as a result of poorly executed campaigns.
They do not seem to understand that on Facebook you still need to build out Funnels to get sales streaming through.

Driving content engagement and cold traffic on Facebook

Website clicks to product pages

Retargeting warm traffic on Facebook

Conversions and creating funnels that drive back repeat customers

Our 5 Step Approach to SCALE

We utilise these steps to rapidly scale up sales for direct-to-consumer brands and retailers.

We align our strategy with your sales goals

With the clever use of pixels, we build audiences keen to buy from you

Funnels are the heart and soul of our media buying strategy

Our unique approach to optimisation ensure that you have product/market fit

Scale up to new markets, geographies and new audiences

Our primary focus is building Facebook Funnels that help your Scale

Understanding the kinds of creatives and strategies to apply at each stage of your ecommerce funnel is critical to driving your target sales. Kunle Campbell

Your entire sales and marketing success depends on funnels. We help best-in-class online retailers and physical product brands build the most robust sales funnels.


Discover out how we can help your SCALE eCommerce Sales

Talk to us if you are an ambitious direct-to-consumer brand or retailer serious about rapidly scaling up sales
and becoming a market leader in your vertical.

Clients We Have Helped SCALE

There are a handful of online retailers we have delivered results for.
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They have been a great reference point. They made informative decisions on our behalf and we have gained some serious ground through their expertise and knowledge. I would highly recommend their services.

Sam FeuDigital Marketing Lead,

They have been a revelation for Westbase Technology, supporting the Marketing Strategy…so that the deliverables and metrics for measuring performance are in place for the long-term

Kevin DooleyMarketing Manager,