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30 Places to Promote and Generate More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

Posted on 31st October 2012, by Kunle Campbell in Content Marketing for eCommerce, Traffic



To produce a quality blog post you spend hours researching, writing, rewriting, searching for, or even creating your own graphics. Eventually all this hard work pays out and the result of a really good piece of content but this just half of it. In order to share that exceptional work of yours with as many people as possible, you need to promote it. What is the point of being awesome if no one knows? Here are some tips that would help you reach out to a much wider audience.

Social Media

Sharing your blog post across all your social media profiles is a must. This is the easiest and most efficient way to inform your followers that you have some quality content to share. Best of all, your followers are most likely to read your post as they are already showing a certain interest to what you share. You should be aware of  the best times to share content on each social media platform though.

1. Facebook – share your blog post on your personal profile and business page, you can also use Facebook ads – promoted posts

2. Twitter – schedule tweets about your blog post a few times a day for the next couple of weeks but change the words so it does not look too spammy

3. Pinterest – create a board specifically for your blog posts and pin them all on it

4. LinkedIn – share it on your LinkedIn profile, company page (RSS feed) and any groups that you are part of

5. Google+ – make sure you share it publicly not just with your circles

Bookmarking Sites

Another good idea to promote your blog post are bookmarking websites. Many people tend to use those to find content that matches their interests so you cannot afford to miss them.

6. StumbleUpon – create an account and start stumbling your post

7. – submit it to Digg to help other people discover it

8. – the most popular bookmarking website, your post should be on there

9. – another bookmarking website with increasing popularity

10. – top search engine for blogs

Your Contacts

Make sure you everyone from your contact lists knows about your new post. After all, they’ve signed up for your newsletter, RSS feed or got in touch with you because they wanted to see what you have to say.

11. Newsletter – include your new blog post in the newsletter

12. Groups & Forums – share it with groups and forums you belong to

13. Signature – you can include it in your email signature

14. Email it – take it one step further and email it to your contacts, asking for some feedback – what you think is great may not appeal to others as much

15. RSS feed – it automatically pushes your new blog post to those who are signed up

Other Blogs

If you have written a great blog post and you audience love it, then it might be a good idea to reach out to other relevant blogs and try to spread the word about your amazing post.

16. Comment – find relevant blogs and comment ot them, inserting a link to your post but make sure you add value to the discussion, don’t spam

17. Offer it as a Guest Post – a smart blogger is always looking for a good content so you can offer it as a guest post on another blog, after you give it a twist/rewrite of course

18. Ask for a link – you can ask influential bloggers in your field to link to your blog post when discussing a relevant topic

19. Submit for a reprint – some blogs might be willing to re-publish your post if they really like it

20. Exchange Links – join a blogging community and exchange links with relevant blogs


An easy way to spread your content across multiple platforms. Below are ten websites that would help you syndicate your blog post easily

21. – allows you to syndicate your blog to over 50 different sites

22. – connects you with other bloggers to share ideas and posts

23. – distributes your blog post to publishers like, and

24. – submit your blog post to and you would get paid when kindle users read it

25. – get found and get more traffic, when you submit your blogs

26. – syndicates content in all major categories

27. – the source for reader reviews of the web’s bloggers and columnists

28. – syndicates blogs covering a wide variety of topics

29. – very good site for business related content

30. – syndicates your blog to sites like and

For a visual representation of the info check out the infographic below by Launch Grow Joy



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Kunle Campbell

Kunle Campbell is a specialist e-commerce marketing consultant for mid-tier online retailers. He helps drive business growth and profitability through customer acquisition (driving traffic), conversion optimization and customer retention. All of his strategies are data and metric driven.